Podcasts on Air

Not everything streaming out of the ol' Marshall Woburn is music, at Lidholm's you're invited to listen to some amazing podcasts as well! The sound reflection is brilliant too, it provides such a lovely ambiance to this little bricks and mortar establishment of mine. Being surrounded with my favorite articles of clothing makes for a great podcast listening atmosphere. I'm currently tuning in to the back catalogue of Blamo! and Handcut Radio. The respective access that Messrs Kirkland and Cvetkovic have is just off the charts and the guests they chat to are all heavyweights in their own right. Below you'll find links to some of them and I'll be doing another post about my favorite episodes shortly. Although Alec Baldwin and his Here's The Thing podcast isn't about menswear, I think it's vital that we branch out and find creative inspiration elsewhere. If we only look at other industry insiders, that circle will become a creative noose before long! This is also the perfect segue to another WNYC Studios production; Open Ears Project. If you, like me, have struggled with and been drawn to classical music in equal measure, this is for you! Each guest provides a brief introduction to their favorite piece and I think it's this background that makes for easy listening once the music commences. 


Enjoy and if you have any other podcasts I should be subscribing to, drop me a line and let me know!