Cavaliere Dec-18-0919-17

New Brand Alert!

Making a suit jacket takes time but when you've been doing it since 1973, you know what works. No parts are glued or pressed together, it's all needle and thread which shows in the final result. Lidholm's Clothier is happy to announce the addition of Cavaliere to its roster of manufacturers! This Borås based family company runs its own factory which is an old industry standard not many adheres to any longer. When you try one of their suits, you can tell that they own the entire process from start to finish. Aside from the navy suit in-stock now, Lidholm's is able to cater to any sartorial need you might have together with Cavaliere. Whether it's an overall upgrade of your suit wardrobe that's needed or outfitting you and a bunch of groomsmen for that special day, we got you! Heck, let's make an evening out of it - drop me a line with what you're after and we'll make an appointment to really make sure you're at your absolute best, no matter the occasion. Cold ones on the house;)