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Manuel Sillerico, master tailor: “tailoring is an art”

Q: How did your love for tailoring start?

I participated in different workshops from carpentry to mechanics and from there I ended up in a tailor shop.

Q:  Do you mean that you are a craftsman by essence?

Yes I think so, since I was 10 years old, I don’t know why I was guided by tailoring, the University was only for an elite; I went through several workshops in different areas and when I tried tailoring I felt it was naturally on me being a tailor, I loved tailoring.

Q: For how long have you been running the Tailor shop?

Sixty years of activity which means that I spent all my childhood working.

Q: What fond memories has the tailoring brought you?

Having dressed presidents, dignitaries of state, businessmen, employees of Gulf Petroleum; Without realizing it, I was receiving these people in a 2-by-2-meter tailor shop

Q: Why do you think your work spread and you became required?

Because I made it beautiful, I learned the passion from an Italian teacher Ravassani, after the Second World War many refugees arrived, all kinds of European and Jewish artisans arrived.

Q: Is your tailoring associated with global apparel organizations?

I belong to the Society of Teachers of the European Union; I have been lucky to be able to travel a lot and know beyond the borders. I also joined regional organizations as a member of the Pan-American Confederation of Master Tailors, of which I was the president in two consecutive administrations that included tailors from Mexico to Uruguay.

Q: How many hours does your job take?

Tailoring is a job that has no hours, it can dawn, there are no holidays.

Q: Is tailoring a passion or a hobby?

I consider it an art, unfortunately nobody teaches tailoring, the Ministry of Education should open the subject of tailoring at the School of Fine Arts.

Q: Which world-famous tailors do you admire?

The Brioni, who work in Italy but are Argentines, Zegna, Isaias, weight tailors. All masters of tailoring because they create fashion and make the people who inhabit the city elegant, just as an architect is also an artist because he dresses the city.