Stock list

The stock list at Lidholm’s is comprised of some of my personal favorites and it’s a mix of world class shirting by Eton, proper selvage denims by Lee101 mixed in with local manufacturers like Crud and handcrafted sneakers by Zespà Aix-En-Provence. The ambition is to convey a timeless, masculine aesthetic with products that lives from season to season.  

  • Eton Shirts

  • Lee 101

  • Zespà Aix-En-Provence

  • Raen

  • Randolph Engineering

  • Bookster Tweed

  • Stetson

  • Gloverall

  • Allen Edmonds

  • Hemen Biarritz

  • Alan Paine

  • WM Brown Magazine

  • Quoddy

  • Barbanera

  • Falke

  • Calida

  • Crud

  • Hestra

  • Carl Dagg

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